This patented heating system for whirlpool bathtubs, spas and hot tubs captures and recycles the waste heat "energy" produced by the pump/motor and delivers that heat to the bath or spa water.  The Thermal Wrap system will maintain water temperature and prevent heat loss caused by the whirlpool action.  The system allows the motor to run cooler; increasing the motors longevity and efficiency.  There are no moving parts and nothing to wear out.  Made in the USA!

"Thermal Wrap"
Also known as:
Heat Transfer System / Heat Jacket / HeatFlo
 Heat Recovery System / Heat Recycling System

Snap-It-On...And Enjoy Free Heat!

● Thoroughly tested with a proven track record
● Patented design, over  1,000,000 in use.
● Special thermal conductive inner heat  transfer liner.
● Models available for most Spa/Hot Tub & Jetted Tub Pumps

Maintenance free - no moving parts to wear out
● Helps keep motor cooler increases motor longevity and efficiency
● Cost less than electric heaters
● No additional electrical circuits required for installation

● Manufactured of non-conductive materials
● Non electrical
● Self draining design

Bath Water Temperature Comparison Graphs

Easy Installation
Thermal Wrap Snaps Over Motor

Tub water circulates through a serpentine path in the Thermal Wrap, collecting the heat generated by the pump/motor and recycles that heat to the tub water - were it belongs!

Retro-Fit Kits: available for new or existing spa motor(s).
The "Thermal Wrap System" will compliment your electric heater by capturing the waste heat generated by your pump motor and delivering that heat to the tub water, saving you money with heating costs.  The Thermal Wrap will help maintain water temperature during normal filtering and heating cycles and while using your spa in high speed jet action.

Designed and used as the sole heat source on many spa brands.
Including: Quantum Spas, Dreammaker Spas, Free Flow Spas
PDC Spas, Softubs and others

Tests Conducted in a Controlled Environment:
Equipment: 36" x 60" acrylic whirlpool (40 gal.), 6 jets, 2 air controls (open), 1 hp pump.
Installation: Drop-in, skirted space, 90 sq. inches ventilation at motor access.
Conditions: Room temperature 72 Degrees Farhrenheit.
Temperatures are approximate and may vary according to motor make and operating conditions.
U.S. Patents Nos. 4854373, 5038853, 5509463

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