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Hydro Thermix – Manufacture of the patented “Thermal Wrap” Heat Recycling & Recovery system for hot tubs, spas and jetted bathtubs.
We offer hot tub and jetted bathtub pumps with installed models 52B and 53B Heat Jackets for many spa brands including: X-spas, Dreammaker, Vita, PDC, Free Flow, Softubs and more.
We also carry a variety of hot tub and jetted bathtub pumps, pump components, motors, and related plumbing fittings.
I’ve been in the Hot tub/Spa and Jetted Bathtub business for 35+ years. Feel free to call me at any time to discuss your hot tub or bathtub needs.
We provide genuine “OEM” original equipment pumps & components!
Don’t see what you’re looking for?
Feel free to email us photos. We have a wide variety of products not listed on our site, plus we have direct access to most all hot tub and bathtub pumps and related components.

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Phone: 832-722-8412

Email: info@hydrothermix.com

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